Your parish needs you!

“Inspired by Pope Francis, Proclaim ’15 invites the Catholic community confidently and simply to share the joy of its faith. To support the development of parish evangelisation we plan to set up a parish evangelisation team.

We are looking for 6-12 people from all backgrounds to join as we want the group to be diverse with a common sense of commitment.

We are already on our way with myself Kevin O’Hare, Tony Kells and Anne Munro taking the first small steps in this adventure. We would like to learn from anyone who has taken the decision to return to the body of the church (all of us not the building) or joined as an adult what prompted this decision.

It would be great if we can set up the team before the end of September. Please speak to any of us or Canon after Mass or email: with your interest in spreading the good news of the Gospel and joining our team, I do promise you will not be committing yourself to joining if you make contact.